Saturday, February 16, 2013

Good day

8 hours of solid study today. Managed to stick to the DONT OPEN FACEBOOK/TWITTER rule for most of the day, only failing in the late afternoon.

I got my first M257 iCMA assignment results back this morning - only worth 7% of final grade but I got a full 100% - yay!

Spent the day on M257 (Putting Java to Work) working on Unit 4 Input, output and exceptions. Still figuring out the differences, and when to use BufferedReader, Scanner classes and the like. Not feeling fluent by any means, but  practice will cement it I'm sure.

A present from the boy! Fair Trade rose fair brightens up my study desk. I searched for ages for a vase, before remembering we have eleventy-billion of the things from our wedding...

A brief foray into updating my wireless drivers since my internet has been dipping in and out for the past few weeks, then moving onto iCMA for Unit 2. Not as confident that I have all the correct answers yet, so have done as best as I can, and left it unsubmitted for now to check again at a later date. It's not due in until the 28th anyway.

Then moved onto first M257 assignment TMA01 - first proper coding in a while, even if it is quite hand-holding in its approach. Even still I still have a couple of issues to iron out. Commented out for now and back to it another time.

Tomorrow M263 all day - finally finished the awfully difficult unit on logic and language and moving onto databases. Hopefully this will be a bit easier, or I may cry, like I almost did last week.

Anyway - off for burgers and the rest of the evening off!

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