Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Knit Nation 2011

I have been meaning to post for some time, but studying is weighing me down. Meanwhile, here is a recap from Liz of KnittingOnTheGreen, who also went to the Bohus class, and took loads of similar photos of the wonderful Bohus jumpers and hats and gloves.

Expect more updates from October, when I am free to spend a whole lovely year indulging in all kinds of fibre crafts!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A finished object

Not too much going on other than studying, studying, studying. I have however, picked up a long sleeping project Seraphim Shawl and worked a row or 2 each night. It is supposed to be an 'autumn' shawl, however, it is doubtful that there will much time when I am without it. The airy gauge is just lovely, and my big mistakes are difficult to spot. You can see one of them [and it is a monster] in one of the photos. I, of course, simply fudged my way through until the stitches matched.

Started Dec 2009 - finished Apr 2011.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brief study break

Brief break in the studying to continue work on a sleeping project; seraphim shawl. Beautiful and much brighter than I'd usually go for. I think this will look fab in autumn.

We've got our appointment with the humanist celebrant who's marrying us tomorrow. And finally booked new lanark for our wedding. Just the fairy light lady and a DJ to go ... Well for now anyway.
And speaking of sleeping...
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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I have decided to take the afternoon off after a hard day yesterday studying. Its fair to say I was struggling and losing the motivation to continue, but I ploughed on anyway.

I've also just ordered the yarn for my 'easy knit for knit group' work cardi Manu; a petrol/teal blue King Cole Merino. Watch this space.

At the moment I'm trying to measure my filler stitch tension squares for my aran cardigan but having significant trouble trying to even find the stitches and rows on the trinity stitch square!

Oh well, off to wash the tension squares, and settle down in front of Gray's Anatomy with Lacey Baktus for the afternoon - happy Sunday all.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New project

The last few days have been the usual study fest. I'm taking a break at the moment to try and decide on a new colour for my next work cardigan.

Its a choice between Manu and audrey in unst. Its needs to be something simple that I can work on at knitting group as my aran cardigan Follow the Leader is purely for home and concentration only!

I'm also working on a Lacey baktus as a simple pattern because most nights after hours of work and study, I'm just wiped out...

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

selkie design

Today has been about more java studying, followed by marshmallows and trying to design a pattern for a shawl based on old maiden aunts sock club yarn selkie. Its a beautiful mix of deep cloudy blues and greys to echo a turbulent choppy sea.

My design is all random waves of varying depth. I'm hoping to publish it on ravelry if I ever get enough free time to finish it...

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Aran knit-a-long

Another long day studying java. The courses are taking up a huge amount of my free time now, but should ease off in time for June.

I've missed my blog. Twitter just isn't long enough, but on the other hand blogging can take too much time. Luckily blogger has now got the option for me to update using my phone. So now I'm back blogging again. The posts will be shorter, but I want to record the next year as I wade through the stresses of studying, finding time for my crafty pursuits and the fun of planning our wedding.

At the moment I'm knitting an Aran cardigan - follow the leader. You'll have to Google it as I can't link using my phone. Just on the filler stitch tension squares at the moment.

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