Thursday, October 11, 2012

lots and lots of things

No pictures in this blog post I'm afraid...

This past week has been the juggling of many, many things, while trying to contend with a near continuous migraine that I know is caused by all the things but can't seem to shake it, or just RELAX.

At the moment studying is going well, I just need to be spending more time on it. I'm enjoying it, however as I work in a University, it is a busy time of year so by the time I get home I'm shattered. I managed to get in my first assignment a week early, and am now working on the second one.

The boy and I are also having to contend with plummeting house prices at a time when we got all geared up to do the house up and sell it. Due to the house prices in our street falling so very much we're having to accept that we should wait until April and re-evaluate whether we can afford it then. In the meantime we have to get the house finished. It needs a lot of work - the big jobs (bathroom and kitchen) are done, we just have to find the time somewhere to do the rest. The house situation has taken a bit of a sledgehammer to our motivation unfortunately.

And add to that we thought we'd watch that series 'Double your house for half the money' for ideas. We didn't realise that instead of the quirky helpful hints for making your house better storage-wise etc. we were going to be watching people with budgets bigger than we are planning to spend on an entire house extending their massive detached mansions. Excuse me, but OF COURSE it's ****ing easy to double your house for half the money when you have a tonne of money and land to do it on!! Try doing it in a two-up, two-down flat with no budget, nor option for external extension and then I'm interested in watching that challenge! The boy and I have deleted the remaining episodes we had after going to bed in simultaneous bad moods.

Driving is going quite well. We recently traded in the car for one less expensive to run (this economy is So. Much. Fun.) so I'm having to get to grips with new biting points and pedal controls. Quite an impressive amount of stalls yesterday - two in a row at one roundabout, and quite a lot of over-revving smelly car while I try to find my feet. At the moment it flutuates between good journeys, and journeys peppered with stalls and over-rev'ing, but I'll get there. No rush really. But to get the home we want we're going to have to move out of Glasgow and I need to be able to drive for us to do that.

So my plan last week for easy-peasy sparkly rib scarf was a good one. 2 knit, 2 purl is literally all my brain can take of an evening - when I don't fall asleep on the couch at 9 pm that is ...

Edited to add a photo of some pancakes from our honeymoon in San Francisco because I hate a blog with no images, and it's just the right autumnal weather for some yummy stodge like this!

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