Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wedding Dress - post 4. Shopping

Went to Mandors yesterday to buy all the extra bits to go with the duchess satin for the practice dress. Couldn't decide between iron-on interfacing for the bodice, or sew-on interfacing. Decided to go for my mum's genius idea of making half the bodice in one interfacing and half in the other to see which I prefer.

For the same reason I bought half the boning in satin-covered and half in cotton-covered for the bodice.

Mum also thinks that with my (severely pear-shaped) body shape, it would make a better fit if the zip at the back is replaced with a lace-up back instead. Searched Mandors, Remnant Kings and John Lewis for Rouleau loops with no joy. Mandors had one with little elasticated loops for those wee buttons, but we need ones strong enough to hold the weight of the dress and hold me in when it's laced up. This place makes them with your own satin and is UK-based, so might be an option. My mum's confident she can make these though.

I also received all my matt satin swatches in the post - the one I think I'm going to go for is one of the matt ones here from Bridal Fabrics. I'm going to have to phone them though, as not sure about how they parcel up satin for postage. If it's folded then the creases will probably never come out, but otherwise it's going to have to be shipped in a huge postal tube ... So far I've ordered some satin and lace swatches from them, and they've been great. Next day delivery, and good sized swatches, even of the lace, which was £85 a metre. Approx 10cm x 20cm size

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